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Use Writebee to uncover the most effective keywords for your content. Benefit from detailed insights on trends, search volumes, competition, CPC, and related keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Decipher and Surpass Your SERP Rivals

With Writebee’s comprehensive competitor analysis, get an in-depth understanding of your rivals’ SERP strategies and outperform them with superior content and SEO tactics.

Content Optimization

Perfect Your Content with AI-Predicted Scores

Utilize Writebee’s advanced AI-powered scoring system to optimize your content, ensuring its readability, relevance, and SEO effectiveness, all backed by predictive analytics.


Leverage Writebee’s advanced AI capabilities to effortlessly improve your SEO using NLP keywords to accelerate your website’s organic traffic growth.

AI-Enhanced Writing at Your Fingertips - is coming soon.

Seamlessly integrate AI into your writing process with the upcoming Writebee browser extension. Enhance and create content effortlessly, no matter where you are, available soon on Edge.

What Are Saying

“I’ve been in digital marketing for years but never seen anything like Writebee. It helps me find the perfect keywords and analyze my competition effortlessly. It’s like having an expert SEO team in my pocket!”

Mitch Johnson
Digital Marketing Manager

“As a freelance writer, Writebee is a dream come true. It helps me optimize my work for SEO and ensures my content is always top-notch. I can’t imagine my workflow without it.”

Sara Thompson
Freelance Writer

“The AI-Predicted Score feature of Writebee is game-changing! It helps me understand how well my content will perform before publishing it. A must-have tool for any content creator.”

David Leopold
Content Creator

“I’ve just started a blog, and Writebee has been a lifesaver. It simplifies SEO and makes it easy to understand. My blog’s traffic has increased significantly since I started using it.”

Emel Williams

“The upcoming Writebee Browser Extension sounds fantastic! It will make integrating AI into my writing process seamless and efficient. I can’t wait to try it out!”

Robert Miner

“As a small business owner, Writebee’s affordable plans have been a godsend. It offers all the SEO and content optimization tools I need without breaking the bank.”

Lauren Davis
Small Business Owner

“Writebee’s comprehensive competitor analysis has been key to my e-commerce site’s growth. It has allowed me to understand my rivals’ strategies and outperform them.”

Mark Wilson
E-commerce Business Owner

“Writebee has truly revolutionized the way I create and optimize content. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and an absolute game-changer in terms of productivity.”

Nancy Taylor
Content Strategist

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Chris Brown
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Content Strategist

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Sophie Mitchell

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Aaron White

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Olly Clark

“Writebee is my indispensable tool for social media. It helps create unique, catchy content for various platforms, making engagement tasks less daunting.”

Rachel Heath
Social Media Manager

Affordable Plans

Starter Plan

$ 9.99 USD/month

Perfect for individual freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs seeking to leverage AI-powered content creation tailored to their unique brand voice.

20,000 words
1 User
Over 30 Tailored Templates
Access to 40 Unique Knowledge Assets
Streamlined SEO Optimization
Round-the-clock Email Support

Premium Plan

$ 39.99 USD/month

Ideal for small marketing teams requiring extensive content generation and repurposing across multiple campaigns to drive business results.

Unlimited Words
3 Users
Access to 50+ Customizable Templates
Unlock 60 Exclusive Knowledge Assets
Advanced Keyword Analysis
In-depth Competitors Analysis
Enhanced SEO Optimization
24/7 Dedicated Email Support

Enterprise Plan

$ 99.99 USD/month

Built for organizations and departments seeking a robust, secure, and scalable AI platform for synchronized team efforts and technical demands.

Unlimited Words
5 Users
50+ Industry-leading Templates
60 Comprehensive Knowledge Assets
Detailed Keyword Identification and Analysis
Comprehensive Competitors Analysis
Advanced SEO Optimization
24/7 Priority Email Support